Joy Watch: Students Help Teacher Receive Magical Proposal

Kindergarten Proposal

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When kindergarten teacher Torrie Buehne entered the gymnasium of Stanton Elementary School in Fenton, Missouri on October 26, little did she know her life was about to change forever.

Filled with young students and adults alike, the gymnasium on this day was the home of Stanton’s quarterly “Team Rally” assembly. It was also hat day, thus explaining the fantastic plastic fire hat worn by Buehne.

As the assembly drew to a close, Stanton’s principal announced that the school would begin handing out a “Love is the Key” award to teachers who go above and beyond. Buehne, to her surprise, was the first recipient called.

“I was shocked,” wrote Buehne for The Knot’s ‘How He Asked’ website. “It is really all a blur now, but I just remember feeling an overwhelming feeling of joy (because I do love my kiddos!) [The principal] pointed to a chair that was in the middle of the gym and asked that I sit in it and watch a short video clip that they had put together to show their appreciation.”

In the clip, a number of Buehne’s past students held up heart-shaped signs with a key drawn on it, offering their definitions of love.

Kindergarten Proposal

Explained Buehne: “It was just a sweet video that my former students had made for me! They’re so sweet! Students continued with ‘Love is important,’ ‘Love means you never want to let someone go,’ ‘Love is when you really, really like someone.’ Adorable! The last kid in the video held up the heart and said ‘Love means you’re gonna get married.’ The entire gym laughed (including myself).”

At this point, the video began showing heartfelt and fun footage of Buehne and her boyfriend Brett Wolfe, set to “Love is an Open Door,” a song from Disney’s “Frozen.”

As Buehne began to realize what was going on, Wolfe walked out from behind the gymnasium stage and proposed. Needless to say, Buehne was a bundle of emotion.

“I had a smile bigger than my entire face,” recalled Buehne. “He got down on one knee, and I’m not entirely sure what he said, but I grabbed the ring, put it on my finger, and hugged him (because we had an entire gym filled with 5-10 year olds watching us! A kiss would have been too much!!)”

Concluded Buehne: “I call my students ‘my kids’ because we are like a little family. I care so much about them, and the fact that Brett was able to incorporate them into this just completely fills my heart.”

You can watch this stunning proposal below!

-Adam Grant

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