Joy Watch: All Ivena Wanted for Her 105th Birthday was a Burly Firefighter

Birthday Firefighters

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For her 105th birthday, all Ivena Smailes wanted was a “burly, tattooed, firefighter” to deliver a cake to her. Thanks to some good sports, this wish happened to come true.

During Smailes’ birthday festivities, one firefighter climbed a later up to the third floor of northeast England’s Addison Court Care Home, the venue in which the party took place. Upon climbing through the window, the uniformed man was handed a cake and delivered it, on bended knee, to Smailes as those in the room belted out “Happy Birthday.”

As the party continued, additional firefighters joined in and posed for a group photo with the birthday girl, as well as her giant balloons.

“She was a bit overwhelmed and surprised, but loved it at the same time,” said Michael Chipchase, Corporate Communications Officer of Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service. “I believe she shed a few tears.”

“They were arguing over who was going to climb the ladder and deliver it to her,” commented Addison Court Care Home employee, Debra Carter.

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-Adam Grant

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