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CARPe Diem: Sleep

In this episode of CARPe Diem, our guest experts have your sleep solutions besides counting sheep. Continue reading

CARPe Diem: Stand Up Straight

CARP President Moses Znaimer guests to discuss CARP’s new initiative to encourage Zoomers to get walking and be healthier, Stand Up Straight. Continue reading

CARPe Diem: Age-Friendly Cities

On this episode of CARPe Diem, Carmen Ruiz y Laza and Wanda Morris and their expert guests explore the steps cities need to take to become age-friendlier. Continue reading

CARPe Diem: Zoomer Dating

On this episode of CARPe Diem, Carmen Ruiz y Laza and her expert guests explore the hopes and hurdles of Zoomer dating and the search for love later in life. Continue reading

CARPe Diem: ABCs of CARP

On this edition of CARPe Diem, Carmen and her guests from two of CARP’s west coast chapters explore the ways in which CARP can benefit members and all Canadians as we age. Continue reading

CARPe Diem: Pharmacare

Hot topics and helpful tips for Canadians as we age. This episode focuses on exploring the need for a universal pharmacare program in Canada. Continue reading

CARPe Diem: Arthritis

Carmen Ruiz y Laza hosts a new talk show for Canadians as we age exploring hot topics & healthy lifestyle tips. This episode focuses on managing arthritis. Continue reading

Fraser Focus opening title

Fraser Focus – Auto Sales, Sasquatch Mountain, Wrap Program, Student of the Week 142 First Air Date: Jan. 21, 2018

Dean Atwal and Leah Bolton talk about Record Breaking Auto Sales in BC, the newly rebranded Sasquatch Mountain Ski Resort (formerly Hemlock Mountain), Surrey’s successful Wrap Program to keep kids out of Gangs, and showcases another Student of the Week: … Continue reading

Fraser Focus opening title

Fraser Focus – Balancing Our Minds, Starfish Expansion, Hip Hop Artists, Long Term Care 141 First Air Date: Jan. 14, 2018

Join Videographers Dean Atwal and Leah Bolton as they follow stories around the Fraser Region, including a student-led discussion on mental health with the Balancing Your Minds segment, the Abbotsford expansion of the Starfish program, a local Surrey Hip-Hop artist, … Continue reading

Fraser Focus opening title

Fraser Focus – Krista’s Transformation, Trish’s Transformation, Culture of Curling, La Peonia 140 First Air Date: Jan. 7, 2018

Videographer Dean Atwal meets with Krista, and her body transformation. Leah Bolton talks to Trish about her total makeover, Dean tries his hand at curling, Leah meets a student dancers, and Carmen Ruiz y Laza explores cosmetic products made from … Continue reading