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CARPe Diem: Aging Eyes

Carmen Ruiz y Laza hosts a new talk show for Canadians as we age featuring hot topics in the news and the best experts in their fields with useful tips for healthy living. Over 800,000 of us over the age … Continue reading

CARPe Diem: First Nations and Métis Elders

The indigenous peoples of Canada have a long and rich history. In this episode, we’ll explore the lives and cultures of First Nations and Métis elders.

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CARPe Diem: Staycation

91% of British Columbians have taken a “staycation” in their home province. On this edition of CARPe Diem, we talk travel in our own backyard. Continue reading

CARPe Diem: Working Zoomers

1 in 5 Canadians will still be working after 65. Carmen Ruiz y Laza, CARP’s Wanda Morris and their guests explore the current state of working Zoomers. Continue reading

CARPe Diem: Elder Abuse

An estimated 10% of older Canadians will experience elder abuse. We explore this troubling issue and the solutions and resources that can help. Continue reading

CARPe Diem: Aging in Place

80% of Boomers plan to stay living in their own homes for at least another 5 years. How can we make ‘aging in place’ a safer goal? Continue reading

CARPe Diem: Meals That Heal

You know what they say. You are what you eat. In this episode of CARPe Diem, hear from our food experts on eating your way towards a better life. Continue reading

CARPe Diem: De-prescribing

In this edition of CARPe Diem, Canadians take many medications. But what if you could replace some of your pills with some new habits? Continue reading

CARPe Diem: Affordable Housing

Some Canadian centres like Vancouver are having a housing affordability crisis. For pensioners, the cost of living might kick them out of retirement. Continue reading

CARPe Diem: Frauds and Scams

In this edition of CARPe Diem, predators craft a number of scams for people of all ages. Learn about the most despicable scams and how you can protect yourself.
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