The Baha'is

The Baha’ís

Saturday, Sept. 8, 2018 |  9pm PT/Midnight ET

“The Baha’is” also airs Saturday, August 27 at 9pm PT/Midnight ET

Through the perspectives of several Canadians, and the viewpoints of several social commentators and historians, “The Baha’is” sheds light on this world religion.

Baha’is have active communities in virtually every sizeable community in Canada and yet the particulars of their beliefs and practices are not widely known. “The Baha’is” examines these teachings and the faith’s history, since its founding in Iran in 1844 and its arrival in Canada in 1898. The six subjects of the documentary are representative of Canada’s ethnic, socio-economic and regional diversity. “The Baha’is” follows these subjects while engaged in a variety of service activities, activities which are the cause of unrelenting persecution in the land where their faith was born.

For more about the Bahá’í faith and an even deeper look into this insightful new documentary visit the official website,

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