Tesla's Children

Tesla's Children

Saturday, July 7, 2018| 9pm PT/Midnight ET

Directed by Donna Davies and Punam Sawhney | Produced by Ruby Tree Films and ZoomerMedia Limited

In basements, garages, office towers and mini-malls everywhere unsung geniuses are toiling away on their latest, greatest invention. Despite the many obstacles they often face, these brilliant inventors remain passionate and unwavering in their groundbreaking pursuits to change the world.

Tesla’s Children tells the story of five ‘outside the box’ inventors and their amazing inventions. Inspired by the original ‘mad scientist’ Nikola Tesla, these inventors dare to think big and dream even bigger. Whether its finding a way to provide free energy to the world, collecting moonlight to cure disease, designing a tool that provides accurate, real-time feedback on what’s happening in your brain when you meditate, changing the way we power electronics, or creating the world’s most energy efficient light bulb, these mavericks are not only changing the existing scientific paradigm, they are overturning it.

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