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Mondays & Fridays | 5pm PT/8pm ET

Seizing the day for Canadians as we age.

Host Carmen Ruiz y Laza wants you to seize each day, live well and have fun!

Join Carmen and her guests for weekly discussions on topics and issues that connect with all Canadians as we age. CARPe Diem will motivate you to ‘stand up straight and move your buns’ to the beat of new perspectives and useful tips on everything from technology and travel, to fitness and finance, to love and longevity and featuring the best experts in their fields.

“The best way to keep going is to keep going!”.
CARP President Moses Znaimer

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You deserve better health care and financial security. Discover more about CARP, Canada’s leading advocacy association for older Canadians.


EPISODE 2-1: Zoomer Weddings

Navigate love and commitment later in life with some insight from those who tied the knot twice.

EPISODE 2-2: Zoomer Money

Retirement looks different for everybody, but can you afford your post-work life?

EPISODE 2-3: Zoomer Sex

Sex isn’t just for the young. Learn how to keep your mojo going, no matter the age!

EPISODE 2-4: Age is Just a Number

You can have an exceptional life at every age. Be inspired by some Zoomers that have done it all!

EPISODE 2-1 ENCORE: Zoomer Weddings
Mon., Feb. 17 & Fri., Feb. 21 at 5pm PT

Navigate love and commitment later in life with some insight from those who tied the knot twice.

EPISODE 2-5: Zoomer Health – Wild B.C. Salmon
Mon., Feb. 24 & Fri., Feb. 28 at 5pm PT

Wild Salmon from the rich estuaries of British Columbia do more than look and taste good – they can do wonders for your health, too.

EPISODE 2-6: Destination: Abbotsford, BC
Mon., Mar. 2 & Fri., Mar. 6 at 5pm PT

This British Columbian locale is the perfect getaway for Zoomers with active lives and active tastebuds: rugged hikes, choice wine, and fresh farm-to-table fare.

EPISODE 2-7: Zoomer Health – Eggs
Mon., Mar. 9 & Fri., Mar. 13 at 5pm PT

They call it the “perfect protein.” See how eggs make an excellent addition to your Zoomer diet.

EPISODE 2-8: Healthy Aging – Music & Science
Mon., Mar. 16 & Fri., Mar. 20 at 5pm PT

We all love music, and you can make it part of your healthy aging routine.

EPISODE 2-9: Zoomer Skin
Mon., Mar. 23 & Fri., Mar. 27 at 5pm PT

Demystify aesthetic medicine and learn the secrets to getting great-looking skin.

EPISODE 2-10: Zoomer Health – Heart and Stroke
Mon., Mar. 20 & Fri., Apr. 3 at 5pm PT

Reduce your risk with expert tips on heart and brain health.

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