Producers Area

Making Programs for Joytv

Joytv works with independent producers from Canada and around the world on a broad range of programming including, lifestyle series, dramas, one-off documentaries, documentary mini-series, and music specials. Proposals submitted now will be considered for 2015/2016.

Meeting with us

We frequently meet producers, most often after we have discussed an idea by phone or after they have sent an outline or complete written proposal. Given the volume of proposals we receive for consideration from across Canada, it can be difficult for us to find time to meet on spec. We are often at festivals, events and industry gatherings across the country where we participate in panels and pitch sessions.

Where to send your proposal

Proposals MUST be sent by email to:

Hard copies are NOT required but if you wish, they may be mailed to:
Joytv: Director, Independent Production
64 Jefferson Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M6K 1Y4

Release Form (PDF)
Release Form (Word)
Technical Specifications (Full)

Rental Facilities (Joytv Vancouver only)

Professional Studio space and lighting available for motion or still film. 675 square feet with 2 white screens available, green room and a permanent “News Set”.



Contact Duane Parks:

Phone: 604-575-4127