James Harrison - Golden Arm

Joy Factor: Blood Donor Who Saved Millions, Retires his “Golden Arm”

Over the course of the past 60 years, James Harrison and his “golden arm” have selflessly helped save millions of lives. Continue reading

$100 Walmart Kid

Joy Factor: Boy Finds $100 and Returns it to a Senior Citizen on Fixed Income

Recently, an eight-year-old boy named Jaron Johnson found a $100 bill in a Walmart parking lot. What he did next was incredible. Continue reading

Heart Donor - Running

Joy Factor: Father of Heart Donor Watches Recipient Run 10km Marathon

Thanks to a heart donor, John Dickhout was given a new lease on life. Recently, he saluted his donor’s family in a unique way. Continue reading

Church Donations

Joy Factor: Church Surprises Single Working Mom with Massive Tip

At a Chicago area Church, a single mother was given quite the generous surprise from a collection of kind strangers. Continue reading

Kindess Notes - Joy Factor

Joy Factor: 5,100 Students Receive the Ultimate Act of Kindness

An amazing high school class printed out a series of positive messages to tape onto the lockers of all 5,100 students. Continue reading

Samaritan's Purse

Canadians Donated More than 600K Gift Boxes Through Samaritan’s Purse

One outlet that does its best to provide support to the under privileged is Christian relief and development organization, Samaritan’s Purse Canada (SPC).
Continue reading

Alzheimer's Wedding - Joy Factor

Joy Factor: Man with Alzheimer’s Proposes to his Wife, for a Second Time

For Michael (68) and Linda (64) Joyce, their love has managed to not fall victim to a the life-altering illness that is Alzheimer’s. Continue reading

Best Friends

Joy Factor: Best Friends Discover They Are in Fact Brothers

In Hawaii, these two men have been best friends for 60 years. Little did they know that their bond extended even further than that. Continue reading

Goodwill Shopper - Christmas

Joy Factor: Goodwill Shopper Buys Christmas Gifts for Local Kids

As much as Christmas shouldn’t be about the gifts we receive, it doesn’t feel right to see a child not have a gift to unwrap and engage with. Continue reading