Teacher - Rickee

Joy Factor: Teacher Using Wedding Registry to Help Homeless Students

This is the inspirational story of Rickee Stewart, a Utah teacher who is using her wedding gift registry to help out the less fortunate. Continue reading

Carrot Ring

Joy Factor: Alberta Woman Finds Lost Engagement Ring Wrapped Around a Carrot

If you have ever lost an engagement ring, perhaps you should check your produce just in case it turns up attached to it. Continue reading

Cayla Chandara - Waitress

Joy Factor: Couple Pays Waitress’ $10K Student Debt

For one waitress, a friendly encounter with people she served turned into a life-changing experience she won’t soon forget. Continue reading

George Clooney

Joy Factor: Good Guy George Clooney Pays Surprise Visit to 87-Year-Old Fan

For her 87th birthday, Pat Adams must not have expected her best gift would be George Clooney! Continue reading

Selfie Mom

Joy Watch: Daughter Hilariously Busts Her Mom Taking a Secret Selfie

Twitter user @itati_lopez sneakily filmed her mom’s attempt at taking a hot-shot selfie. Let’s just say the results were hilarious! Continue reading

The Simpsons - Baseball

Baseball Hall of Fame to Salute The Simpsons

“The Simpsons” is one of the most beloved TV series. Now, the Baseball Hall of Fame will celebrate a hilarious episode’s anniversary. Continue reading

Michael Jackson - Baby

Joy Watch: This Baby Dances to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”

Through a Michael Jackson song, Ballard and his little man give us all an incredible glimpse of a father and son bonding and bopping. Continue reading

Zamboni Snow

Joy Factor: Victoria, B.C. Farmer Tries to Clear Roads with Zamboni

In one of the truest Canadian moves you will ever see, one Victoria resident attempted to clear snow off the roads using a Zamboni. Continue reading

Barry White Jr. Teacher

Joy Watch: This Teacher Has a Special Handshake for All His Students

Something tells us that having Barry White Jr. as your teacher, would be an awesome experiences! Watch his special handshakes here! Continue reading

Stevie Wonder

Joy Watch: Stevie Wonder Surprisingly Sings with Upstart Musician

Imagine performing a Stevie Wonder song, only to have the music legend walk in the room and take the stage with you. You’ll love this video! Continue reading