To Purchase Commercial Time:

Graeme Smith
Account Executive, Joytv
5668 192 Street, Suite 204
Surrey, BC
V3S 2V7
Phone: (604) 604-6656
Email: [email protected]

To Purchase South Asian/Non-Christian Commercial Time:

Tony Greco
VP Television Program Distribution & Block Time Sales
Zoomer Media Limited
64 Jefferson Avenue
Toronto, ON M6K 1Y4
Phone: 417-216-6302
Cell: 416-505-8380
Email: [email protected]


Joytv offers advertisers a unique programming environment in which to place your advertisement. Family friendly programs that are engaging and reflective.

Joytv is committed to providing a program schedule that entertains, inspires, educates and stimulates understanding without resorting to “jolts per second” of violence or the use of gratuitous sex.

Joytv offers creative ways to interact with our viewers. We build creative strategies that optimize your budget and engage our audience. Our sales, marketing and production team collaborate on behalf of your objectives with a pain free turn key solution.

Joytv is pleased to offer audience validation through the NTI (Nielsen/BBM) to ensure we meet your reach and demographic objectives.



Last year advertisers trusted Joytv to build hundreds of commercial impressions to image their businesses. We take tremendous pride in the responsibility granted to our team to work the magic of the medium. We offer an amazing team of experts who welcome every challenge and make the creative process painless and affordable.


A major part of the equity we offer the advertising community is our creative experience. We work in the world of possible from :5 second dotcom messaging, developed first in Western Canada by our team, to :90 second featurettes that engage, entertain and inform. Our ‘Creative Encounter’ process has been responsible for launching many marketing/creative concepts. Talk to us about booking a creative encounter for your business.


We mentioned wizards earlier and this department is full of them. From the creative juices of our writers flow the images and artistry to mold a compelling story that combines both art and craft. Producers knit together the elements with attention to detail in the edit suite. Clients are along for the ride every step of the way for final sign off.


We are proud to offer a first class Vancouver television studio and crew for any/every production assignment. From the production of first run magazine programs aired on Joytv, commercials and infomercials are produced and broadcast throughout our ZoomerMedia network.