In a special 90-minute episode, Marissa Lennox and theZoomer panel confront the surge of antisemitism in grade schools, on campuses and media bias.


Quotes from the Round Table:


Conrad Black, Author and Columnist: “The Jews have always been there, the Palestinians have not…”


Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: “What is wrong with Justin Trudeau? History will make severe judgments against leaders who have no moral compass…”


Raheel Raza, Pakistani-Canadian Journalist: “One of the mandates of the Muslim Brotherhood was “infiltrate the West, they are evil and destroy them from within”. What are they doing?!”


Vivian Bercovici, Former Ambassador of Canada to Israel: “This Jew Hatred has been thriving in the Toronto District School Board long before October 7, and I know because I had two kids in the system.”


Hosted by Libby Znaimer and Marissa Lennox, theZoomer is a sharp, relevant and intelligent take on the world from a uniquely “Zoomer” aka “Boomer with Zip” point of view, airing Friday and Sunday at 10pm PT on JoyTV.