Money Matters with Jim Doyle is a half hour show exploring how money matters to Canadians.


All new episodes for Season 2 air Thursdays at 5pm PT and Sundays at 7am PT and Mondays & Wednesdays at 4pm CT / 5pm ET on FaithTV through Dec. 1, 2021.


This season of Money Matters with Jim Doyle features frank discussions with Canadian business owners and entrepreneurs sharing their stories of success and challenges – inspiring viewers to plan more and worry less!


Thrust into the role – Building culture and systems from scratch.


Imagine you were thrust into the role of business owner tomorrow – responsible for EVERYTHING from HR and staffing to logistics and dealing with suppliers while still carving out time to plan and execute for profit. The learning curve is substantial! Who do you turn to – what do you do first – who can you trust? From survival mode to short -term, intermediate, and long-term planning, the stories featured on this episode epitomize the experience of ‘an accidental business owner’. Kavita Kent, Owner of Balance Medical Center and Westcoast Women’s Clinic, Heather Odendaal, CEO of WNorth, and Jill Van Gyn, Founder and CEO of Fatso Nut Butters share the life-changing circumstances that acted as a catalyst to their entrepreneurial adventures.