Taking Back the Years

Saturdays at 10:30pm PT | Sundays at 8:30pm PT | Nov. 21 - Dec. 27, 2020

In the fight against aging, who has the edge? East or West? Holistic healing or science? 

As the Boomer generation approaches old age, are they ‘aging gracefully’ or fighting back?   What choices are available for pursuing longevity?  And how does this search reflect ethical and spiritual values? Taking Back the Years follows 64-year-old Rajendra Patel, through the rigorous, 90 day long and 4000 year old, Ayurveda age-reversal practice of Kuti Praveshika.  Meanwhile Canadian filmmaker Hilary Pryor – the same age as Mr. Patel – explores the latest discoveries in North American medicine and, with advice from Western scientists and fitness experts, attempts her own 90-day regime towards rejuvenation.

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