Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV

Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV

Mondays & Tuesdays | Midnight PT/3am ET

“Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV” is a fresh new series that gives the viewer up to date information on what’s going on in the health and wellness industry and what you can do to lead a healthy lifestyle both easily and deliciously.

In each episode, host Tammy-Lynn touches on topics that affect both men and women but are often not talked about. From male hormones, to mental wellness to eating your favourite dessert with a healthy twist, Tammy-Lynn makes the journey of wellness both exciting and entertaining. The show cover subjects including health, cooking, exercise, diets, nutrition , beauty and naturopathic care. Whether she’s on a farm or in a ball gown hosting Fashion Week, this funny and down to earth host isn’t afraid to try anything once and makes the struggles of wellness honest and entertaining. After all, who wants to diet?

Tammy-Lynn McNabb is a leading Health & Wellness expert with over 15 years within the industry.

Considered a maven on wellness, she has been featured on most major TV, radio and news stations across Canada including Time Magazine.

Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV

Tammy-Lynn also hosts HealthRadio.FM to an international audience and is a regular speaker on stage at health, wellness & women’s events.

“Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV” can also be seen Thursdays at 5am PT/8am ET and Fridays at 5:30am PT/8:30am ET.

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Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV

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