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A series of documentaries exploring the Islamic faith and its traditions, teachings and world contributions.

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MARYAM: An Exemplary Muslim Woman
Maryam (Mary) – The Mother of Jesus (pbuh) has been considered one of the most honorable people in Islam. This documentary give you’re an enlightening story of Maryam (Mary) and her life in the light of Holy Qur’an.

Health Comes from the Faith
In this documentary, you will see based on scientific research the secret of good health is having Faith. It was found that people who have religion are healthier that those who do not have one. You will learn how faith could help to maintain good physical, mental and spiritual health.

Let’s Get to Know Our Prophets
Prophets have called people, in the societies where they have been sent, to worship God. They have told the people that they will be punished if they do not worship Him. With their superior, moral characteristics, prophets have been examples to people because of their closeness to God and carefully-considered behavior. Now, let’s get to know some of these prophets; let’s see what they have said to their peoples and find out about the things they did which we can use as examples.

Fog is Lifting: Islam in Brief — Pillars of Islam
This film is a view into Islam which may seem as a mystery for many people around the globe. This documentary challenges your knowledge about the Islamic faith and traditions. You will learn in 30 minutes more information than what you can acquire in 30 days of reading.

Never Forget
Just consider of how many times a day you have to force yourself to remember something. Already by the time you get out of bed, there are many issues with which you have to keep your mind occupied. You might have taken notes or placed a reminder somewhere so as not to forget about any of them. At times, even the thought of forgetting is worrisome… What if, though, you had actually forgotten about something greatly more important than anything else in your daily life? This documentary reminds you of those issues in your life that are most important. Never forget that, forgetting those things of which you will be reminded in this documentary will cost you immeasurably more than forgetting what you attempt to remember throughout the day, no matter how valuable that issue may seem.

Error of Karma and Reincarnation
Karma is the belief that occupies a very important place in many Eastern religions. These people’s interesting costumes, shaven heads, rites and rituals, the places where they live and practices such as yoga and meditation attract a number of people’s interest. The error of reincarnation, which is today widespread among certain circles in Western societies, stems from this philosophy of karma. It is impossible for the laws and practices contained within these beliefs to bestow proper moral values or bring peace to society.

Time is One of the Greatest Blessings
The life given in this world passes very quickly, for which reason life is very short. Everyone now living in the world, and you watching this film, are all spending an appointed time and drawing closer to death with every passing second. There is a purpose and wisdom in the span allotted to people in this world. So long as they use this limited time bestowed on them by Almighty God “to earn His approval and merit paradise”, then they will have used their time in the best and most proper manner.

Muslims’ Three Sacred Mosques
As a Muslim, we believe that there are three mosques in this world which we consider as most sacred. These are Masjid al-Haram (The Sacred Mosque) located in Makkah, the Prophet Mosque located in Madina, and the Al-Aqsa Mosque located in Jerusalem. All Muslims should have a desire to go and pray in those mosques. In this film, it will shows the detailed explanation and the inside look of each mosque to give better understanding to the viewer about these three most sacred houses of worship.

Women in Islam
Women – their status and rights in Islam are some of the most commonly raise issues by non-muslims. This film addresses the esteemed position, rights, responsibility, and roles that muslim women have in Islamic society.

Day of Judgment
This film explains the Day of Judgment and the events that will take place on that day, and it warns people of that difficult time. The essential thing, however, is that the Day of Judgment is a reality awaiting all human beings. Ignoring and failing to reflect on this great truth, which will inevitably be faced, must not be regarded as acceptable. Such avoidance will bring with it nothing but eternal ruin in the Hereafter. If someone is aware of and reflects sincerely on these facts, this will, by Almighty God’s leave, be a means whereby they will enjoy security on that day and they will attain the eternal life of Paradise.

The Collapse of Atheism
We are at a turning point in the history of mankind. Atheism, that has so influenced the world of science and thought since the 18th century, is now undergoing an inevitable collapse. In this film you will see how the most basic assumptions of atheism collapsed with scientific, political and sociological developments in the past decades. From the theories of Charles Darwin or Sigmund Freud, to the fall of communism or the hippie dream, see how the atheist dogma falls at the dawn of the 21st century.

Medicine of the Prophet
Modern medicine … A branch of science that seeks to serve humanity through a combination of technology and centuries of accumulated knowledge and experience. But, let us now go back some fourteen hundred years into the past, where none of our present-day advantages apply, and technological equipment doesn’t exist. Yet, there is a light that has been held up to the world of medicine from those days up until today. It is the health advice and exemplary practices that our Prophet (may God bless him and grant him peace) imparted to his community, and it occupies a wide place in the world of medicine today.

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