Money Matters with Jim Doyle
Season 2, Episode 7 – Being in Business – Things No One Tells You
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Okay, open your business owner’s handbook to page . . . okay, just kidding. By now, you know that owning a business doesn’t come with an owner’s handbook. You’ve likely also learned that, depending on how you’ve come into business ownership, the learning curve can be incredibly steep. Turns out it’s not just about selling your products or services…

Self-motivation, drive, and curiosity are essential to entrepreneurial success. Building resiliency and emotional strength can come from leaning on a strong network of personal connections , advisory groups, mentors, and experts in your field. They can often shine a light on neglected areas of your business asking questions you haven’t considered. Don’t feel offended or discouraged if they provide advice different from your own ideas – critical analysis is fundamental to any entrepreneur looking to think bold and build big.

Speaking of which, failure can train you to become more resilient, if you’re able to reframe the concept of failure through the lens of mistakes made and lessons learned. To borrow the words of Vincent Van Gogh: “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” This is success in a nutshell.

What is this episode about?

There’s an African proverb ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ Our guests share their entrepreneurial gems – business success is often a journey of many and often comes down to hiring well, having a defined vision, systems and processes, and business resiliency. Lean into the journeys of Felix Böck -CEO and Founder of ChopValue, Vikram Vij – Owner of My Shanti and Vij’s restaurants, Victor Yoshida – Managing Director of Concert CPA, and Alyson Jones – President and Clinical Director of Alyson Jones & Associates, one of B.C.’s largest clinical counselling practices, as they walk us through their experiences of trial and error to create something from nothing.

What are you hoping will come out of the show?

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy but many struggle alone. Plan your way to a better future. There are people and resources available to help your business climb to new heights. Though you might be challenged by self-doubt, a steep learning curve, financial strain, or the fear of failure, – take time to celebrate the small victories.

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