Money Matters with Jim Doyle
Season 2, Episode 4 – Owning and Running a Business as a Woman
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Whether your reason for opening a business is to make money – or serve a social cause – experience and access to resources can have a significant impact on a business’s ability to succeed and undergo substantial growth. From access to mentors, community and social networks, a supportive home environment, go a long way towards assisting a business owner to focus on the needs of their business. With 32 years of experience serving business owners, I’ve observed that successful entrepreneurs – of any gender – possess a few common traits. They’re confident, are self-starters with passion and have clear goals for their business.

There are many challenges facing a business owner, and this is true for both men and women. I have seen that setbacks can almost always be overcome if they are approached with a contingency plan and a can-do attitude. Resilience, grit, and determination are a must and ensuring you have a written business plan with clearly defined benchmarks is essential. An integral part of creating success for your company comes down to staying well organized and maintaining an ability to take decisive actions. The support of your staff as well as an allied team of professional advisors could be your greatest asset when growing your business.

Routine and balance are key to getting ahead. Women are more likely to sacrifice time for themselves and their social lives for their business, so it’s important to remember to take time for oneself to relax and recharge. Get a good night’s sleep. For many women, having a business also comes with the responsibility of raising children, sometimes in a one-parent environment. Being both a mother and business owner – yes, the work hours can be tremendous, but it’s a challenge many female entrepreneurs are eager to meet head on.

What is this episode about?

This episode addresses the unique experience of three diverse women entrepreneurs who are reframing the “growth at all costs” mindset into a more holistic, balanced approach that suits their life circumstances and needs. These female founders are following through on their career dreams, doing well, in an economic sense, and doing good, in the sense of one’s social, environmental, and other impacts.

Join us as we introduce you to Patrice Mousseau, Founder & CEO of Satya Organic Skin Care, Alyson Jones, President & Clinical Director, Alyson Jones & Associates, one of the largest private counselling practices in the province, and Kavita Kent, Owner of both Balance Medical Center and Westcoast Women’s Clinic, specializing in women’s health.

What are we hoping will come out of this show?

In sharing the experiences of these female founders as they scale their companies, reveal divergent pathways to growth, and make recommendations for supporting women-led firms, we seek to highlight and recognize the unique needs of diverse women entrepreneurs across regions and across sectors. We trust our audience will find inspiration in one or two of the approaches they come across and leave with greater clarity of the many stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem seeking to better serve high-growth female entrepreneurs.

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