Money Matters with Jim Doyle: It’s Okay to Fail

Money Matters with Jim Doyle
Season 2, Episode 2 – It’s Okay to Fail
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It’s in our nature to like feeling safe, to be in comfort, and away from danger. Failure can be quite a painful experience, but stepping outside of your comfort zone as a business owner is the type of fear that you may want to consider embracing. Many entrepreneurs choose to play it safe and avoid taking risks or taking leaps of faith when it comes to decision making, but as a business owner, does playing it safe serve you well?

However, on the path to growth, it is impossible to avoid tasting failure, at least a few times. When it comes to achieving success, what matters is how we react to failure.

Being able to control how you look at things is one of the keys to creating the success you want. Shaping your perception is a powerful tool to creating a success mindset. A small change in perspective can completely change everything – including your motivation, outlook, and self-esteem. It may be difficult to appreciate how many limitations really start from your mind. To be a successful entrepreneur, one of the key elements is to cozy up to risk. To be a risk taker who looks at chance as an opportunity, it is imperative to understand that failure is going to happen – a lot. When failure hits, the only options are to keep going or quit.

What is this episode about?

Joining us on this episode are founders Chef Vikram Vij of Vij’s and My Shanti Restaurants, Adam Mills of Four Winds Brewing Co., one of BC’s leading craft breweries (and the Mills Paint family legacy), and Felix Böck of ChopValue, an international circular economy micro-factory franchise concept. These intrepid entrepreneurs share aspects of their journey to success, overcoming challenges, fear, and self-doubt along the way.

What are we hoping will come out of this show?

If you’re taking a risk in anything, it’s assumed there is some passion behind that risk. This episode explores the relationship between passion and risk – and underscores the importance of fully understanding the risks you face when it comes to launching and growing your business. As an entrepreneur, it is essential to surround yourself with a strong network of competent advisors, savvy business partners, and employees who share your passion and vision – and who think with a success mindset.

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