Suffice it to say that, when it comes to food, our anticipation of something tasty tends to jump up at least a notch or two when someone says a certain dish is ‘made with love’. However, can a reunion of two estranged friends or family members over making a special recipe contain the right emotional and gastronomical ingredients to mend a broken personal relationship? Bake and Make Up, a brand new series premiering on Joytv from Go Button Media definitely and deliciously says yes in the sweetest way possible.



Bake & Make Up mixes two sweet spots from factual entertainment television – baking and emotional reunions – bringing them together in a unique new primetime format. Find out when you can watch Bake and Make Up  on Joytv.


Each episode of Bake & Make Up features a once inseparable twosome – childhood friends, past loves, long-lost family – and brings them together again in the Bake & Make Up kitchen where they are given a chance to reunite through a culinary journey. Some dishes may not be perfect, and some relationships will flounder, while for others, a sweet connection is renewed.


Martha and Lisa are estranged best friends who met in the 3rd grade. As they built their adult lives and then faced loss apart, the pair stopped turning to each other for support. Will a family recipe for Raspberry Ribbon Cookies bridge the distance between them?



Paula and Gino met on a dating site. While their romance didn’t spark, they clicked over their shared Italian heritage and plus-one compatibility – until Gino began dating someone new. Will the layers of a Tiramisu uncover what remains unsaid in the hopes of rebuilding a friendship?



Marsha and Mable met at work. They bonded over stories of grandchildren and shared family dinners together, until a pointed social media comment drove a wedge into their friendship. Can a traditional Jamaican Rum Cake remind them of their sweet relationship and mend the misunderstanding that has kept them apart?



Go Button’s founder and executive producer, Natasha Ryan, “Blending baking and broken relationships seemed like a natural mix. Working together in a kitchen can initiate much needed talks, reconnections and laughter – and that’s before the sit and savour, coffee and conversation moments once the dish is ready to try. This format is simple, readily localized, and presents a wonderful opportunity to explore heartwarming relationships and showcase home cooking, traditional recipes, and sweet treats, from around the world.”


Find out when you can watch Bake and Make Up on Joytv.