Creature Comfort, a documentary mini-series produced by Canada’s Tell Tale Productions, explores the crucial roles animals and pets play in our lives, especially as they accompany us into our later years.


This heartwarming and insightful five-part series follows captivating journeys highlighting the deep bond between people and their pets. A donkey’s friendship helps his owner cope with his wife’s illness; a renowned dog breeder contemplates breeding her final litter; a widower’s dogs help her find a sisterhood she didn’t know existed. These are some of the stories shared in Creature Comfort. Whether their people sharing the stories call themselves “pet parents”, best friends, or colleagues, in all cases, animals have transformed their lives for the better.





The series is created by Erin Oakes and produced by Erin Oakes and Edward Peill of Tell Tale, the production company behind other docu-series seen on Joytv such as The Big Downsize and Radical Age. Creature Comfort was produced in association with Joytv sister station VisionTV with support from The Nova Scotia Film & TV Production Incentive, the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit program, and the Canada Media Fund.




“Much of the inspiration for Creature Comfort came from my own pets,” said show creator Erin Oakes. “When COVID hit, the lockdowns revealed a lot about the roles animals play in our lives. They provided emotional support, entertainment, and a social life. That, more than anything, was the seed for a show that would unashamedly celebrate our pets.”



Although there is no way to get around the cuteness of furry companions, beneath the surface, the bonds between people and pets run deep. Creature Comfort provides an intimate look at those bonds and as a window into aging well. Ultimately, this is a show about people first and pets second.


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