Joy Factor: 84-Year-Old Man Applies Make-up for Wife Who is Losing Sight

Make-Up Couple

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The expression “in sickness, and in health” is commonly used at weddings as the bride and groom inch closer to becoming husband and wife. One couple that has truly stood by those words is Mona and Des Manahan.

Married for 56 years now, Mona and Des continue to adore he each other, even in the presence of one substantial medical issue.

Make-Up Couple

Sadly, Mona has very poor eyesight when it comes to her left eye, thus applying make-up herself has become a struggle.

When this issue came about, 84-year-old Des decided he didn’t want his wife to go without. As a result, he sought out application lessons from Waterford, Ireland-based make-up artist, Rosie O’Driscoll.

Make-Up Couple

“[Des] was telling me the story that Mona, her sight was very, very bad and that she was losing her sight and that she wasn’t able to hold things properly,” recalled O’Driscoll. “She had a lot of shaking in her hands. Des took the brushes from my hand and wanted to have a try. If you just see the way he holds the brushes, he’s a natural.”

This wasn’t just a one-time occurrence, though, as Des would continue to turn to O’Driscoll for lessons. Eventually, the couple’s efforts caught the attention of celebrity make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic, who would invite the duo to his MasterClass event in London, England.

“Mona and I both agree on one thing,” explained Des. “And that is that less is more. There’s no way I want my lovely Mona slapped up with stuff.”

Replied Mona: “[Des] thinks I’m lovely as I am.”

-Adam Grant

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