Alzheimer's Wedding - Joy Factor

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We all know that love is a mighty powerful thing. In times of sadness, struggle, or conflict, love has a way of shining through and giving us an ultimate lift. As it relates to Michael (68) and Linda (64) Joyce, their love has managed to not fall victim to a life-altering illness.

In 2010, Michael was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Since that time he has had a tough time remembering day-to-day events. However, he has seemingly not forgotten that Linda is his true love.

Recently, Michael emerged from the bedroom one morning with what’s been described by Joyce as a confused look on his face.

“I could see he was trying to ask me something, but he just couldn’t get the words out,” said Linda during an interview with The Mirror. “So, I held his hand and asked him, ‘what is it my darling? What are you trying to tell me?’ He looked at me with tears in his eyes and with a stutter he said, ‘will you marry me?’

Alzheimer's Wedding - Joy Factor

Linda, who has been married to Michael for 34 years, assumed that this moment “was just one of those things to do with Alzheimer’s.” But, when Michael woke up the next day, Joyce said her husband “remembered everything” and was “so excited” for their wedding day.

“On the day of our ceremony, he woke up and said to me ‘today’s the day,’” added Joyce. “He was so happy. In his head and his heart, it was what he wanted to do. He wanted to get married.”

Michael and Joyce wed, for the second time, on Saturday, January 20 at Hamilton Lake in New Zealand.

“We were just meant to be,” offered Joyce. “We are devoted to each other forever and I’ll love him until the end of time. Love truly conquers all.”

-Adam Grant

Alzheimer's Wedding - Joy Factor