Joy Watch: Stevie Wonder Surprisingly Sings with Upstart Musician

Stevie Wonder

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Since the 1960s, Stevie Wonder has been a musical force. He has released more than 25 studio albums, received 22 Grammy Awards and was saluted in 2014 with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Right, let’s not forget about his lasting musical influence on generations of musicians young and old.

Over the weekend, musician Grayson Erhard was performing in the lobby of the Anaheim Marriott during the National Association of Music Merchant (NAMM) conference. Just as he busted into Wonder’s classic track “Superstitious,” the music legend entered the room.

According to Marcy Kraft (who happened to witness and film the moment), Erhard was initially embarrassed because he didn’t know the words to the second verse of “Superstitious.” Then, the best thing imaginable happened: Wonder joined Erhard onstage and the duo performed the song together.

At first, Wonder and Erhard went back and forth with the vocals. When it came time for the second verse, Wonder whispered the lyrics into Erhard’s ear, allowing him to belt out the 1972 song as it was intended to be belted out.

For the record, Wonder and Erhard sounded fantastic together, with the latter not appearing at all freaked out by the presence of such a renowned artist standing beside him.

Unless Erhard becomes a platinum selling musician capable of putting on high-production stadium tours, one has to assume that this will go down as the greatest gig of his life.

Here’s the video!

-Adam Grant

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