Joy Watch: The Grandpa Who Made a Backyard Disneyland


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Grandparents are the best, aren’t they? Apart from having so much wisdom, memories and perspective to pass along, some of them also know exactly how to make their grandchildrens’ lives as fun as possible.

The latest example of this is Steve Dobbs, a 68-year-old Fullerton, California, grandfather who turned his backyard into a Disneyland-inspired amusement park for his grandchildren.

Creating such an elaborate backyard play land that now includes a mini-rollercoaster, a “Small World” ride, along with “Frozen” and “Finding Nemo” themed attractions wasn’t Dobbs’ initial plan.

At first, the backyard just featured a mini-train track and carts that his grandchildren could ride around. Quickly, however, that activity became boring to the kids.

“My younger grandkids are nuts about Disneyland,” said Dobbs during an interview with The Orange County Register. “I wanted to give them a reason to come over to my house to spend time with me, and Disneyland is tough to compete with.”

Known as ‘Dobbsland,’ the park cost $6,500 to create and was primarily constructed by Dobbs, a Professor at the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Meanwhile, his students helped craft the rollercoaster.

Best. Grandfather. Ever.

-Adam Grant

Here’s a look at ‘Dobbsland’ in action:

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