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CARPe diem: Diabetes and Diet

In this episode we’re going to learn how you could prevent, manage and potentially reverse Type 2 Diabetes. Continue reading

CARPe diem: Prepping For Death

How do you plan for death? How do you want to be remembered? In this episode, we answer those questions and more about prepping for death. Continue reading

CARPe diem: Pension Protection

In this episode, with 2 million Canadians at risk of losing part of their pension, we explore whether the government is doing enough to protect pensioners. Continue reading

CARPe diem: Heart Health

In this episode of CARPe diem, we look at what people can do to delay, lower or reverse the chance of heart disease developing with aging. Continue reading

CARPe diem: Looking Ahead to 2019

In this episode of CARPe diem, we give you a sneak peek at what’s coming up on the show in 2019. Continue reading

CARPe diem: Best of 2018

In this episode of CARPe diem, we look back on some of our favourite moments and stories from 2018. Continue reading

CARPe diem: Aging Eyes

Over 800,000 of us over the age of 75 are currently living with vision loss. In this episode, Carmen and her guests discuss aging eyes. Continue reading

CARPe diem: First Nations and Métis Elders

The indigenous peoples of Canada have a long and rich history. In this episode, we’ll explore the lives and cultures of First Nations and Métis elders.

Continue reading

CARPe diem: Staycation

91% of British Columbians have taken a “staycation” in their home province. On this edition of CARPe diem, we talk travel in our own backyard. Continue reading

CARPe diem: Working Zoomers

1 in 5 Canadians will still be working after 65. Carmen Ruiz y Laza, CARP’s Wanda Morris and their guests explore the current state of working Zoomers. Continue reading