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Cerebral Palsy Field Trip

Joy Factor: Teacher Carries Student with Cerebral Palsy During Camping Trip

Maggie Vasquez would’ve had to skip the trip because the walker in which she uses to get around would’ve had difficulty maneuvering the terrain. Continue reading

Traffic Man - Road

Joy Factor: Traffic Officer Carries Elderly Man Across the Road to Safety

Recently, video has emerged of a senior citizen in China’s Mianyang, Sichuan province struggling to cross the road, as other pedestrians whiz ahead of him. Continue reading

Make-Up Couple

Joy Factor: 84-Year-Old Man Applies Make-up for Wife Who is Losing Sight

Married for 56 years now, Mona and Des continue to adore he each other, even in the presence of one substantial medical issue. Continue reading

Heart Donor - Running

Joy Factor: Father of Heart Donor Watches Recipient Run 10km Marathon

Thanks to a heart donor, John Dickhout was given a new lease on life. Recently, he saluted his donor’s family in a unique way. Continue reading

Alzheimer's Wedding - Joy Factor

Joy Factor: Man with Alzheimer’s Proposes to his Wife, for a Second Time

For Michael (68) and Linda (64) Joyce, their love has managed to not fall victim to a the life-altering illness that is Alzheimer’s. Continue reading

Handyman Mailbox

Joy Watch: Kind-Hearted Handyman Installs Mailbox for Fearful Blind Woman

For years, Henrico, Virginia resident Lynda Tennette had been scared of gathering her mail. Thanks to a Good Samaritan, that feeling's changed. Continue reading

Wedding Heart

Joy Factor: Bride Walked Down the Aisle By Man Who Received Her Dad’s Heart

Jeni Stepien was unable to have her father at her wedding, but his heart was able to attend thanks to a positive organ donation. Continue reading

German Shepherd

Joy Watch: A Mailman Gives This German Shepherd Daily Hugs

There is at least one person who has an open heart for this beautiful Shepherd – a mailman that continuously shows him some love. Continue reading

Matching Head Tattoo

Joy Factor: Dad Gets Head Tattoo to Match Son’s Cancer Surgery Scar

One father didn't want his son to feel self-conscious over a cancer surgery scar, so he went to a tattoo artist for help. Continue reading