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Barber - Autism - Joy Factor

Joy Factor: Quebec Barber Takes Special Care of Child with Autism

In Quebec, one very inspiring barber has taken it upon himself to provide customers with autism a truly special, one-on-one experience. Continue reading

Barry White Jr. Teacher

Joy Watch: This Teacher Has a Special Handshake for All His Students

Something tells us that having Barry White Jr. as your teacher, would be an awesome experiences! Watch his special handshakes here! Continue reading

German Shepherd

Joy Watch: A Mailman Gives This German Shepherd Daily Hugs

There is at least one person who has an open heart for this beautiful Shepherd – a mailman that continuously shows him some love. Continue reading

Taylor Swift

Joy Factor: Taylor Swift Delights Patients at Children’s Hospital

Taylor Swift clearly enjoys brightening up the days of her fans, especially those who are at a children’s hospital and having a tough time. Continue reading

Matching Head Tattoo

Joy Factor: Dad Gets Head Tattoo to Match Son’s Cancer Surgery Scar

One father didn’t want his son to feel self-conscious over a cancer surgery scar, so he went to a tattoo artist for help. Continue reading