Night Court

Night Court

Weekdays |  4:30pm PT/7:30pm ET

Disorder in the court! That’s the order of the day when a parade of zany – and often bizarre – characters passes before unconventional and unpredictable Judge Harry T. Stone (Harry Anderson) in the hilarious comedy “Night Court.”

“I was moved by the craziness of New York Manhattan night court,” recalled ‘Night Court’ creator Reinhold Weege in the 2002 documentary TV Tales: Night Court. “There were stories in the newspaper at the time of judges with serious emotional problems who the state had a hard time getting rid of. I thought, gosh, it would be terrific if we could get a judge through the system who was a little off center, a little wacky.”

“The show may not be in any way intellectual and we don’t make any pretense of dealing with issues that are impossible to address or solve in the sitcom format,” relayed star John Larroquette in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. “But if you just want to forget it all for a minute and laugh at pies in the face and pants around the ankles, that’s what we do very well.”

Night Court

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