George Clooney

Joy Factor: Good Guy George Clooney Pays Surprise Visit to 87-Year-Old Fan

For her 87th birthday, Pat Adams must not have expected her best gift would be George Clooney! Continue reading

Barry White Jr. Teacher

Joy Watch: This Teacher Has a Special Handshake for All His Students

Something tells us that having Barry White Jr. as your teacher, would be an awesome experiences! Watch his special handshakes here! Continue reading

Stevie Wonder

Joy Watch: Stevie Wonder Surprisingly Sings with Upstart Musician

Imagine performing a Stevie Wonder song, only to have the music legend walk in the room and take the stage with you. You’ll love this video! Continue reading

Kindergarten Proposal

Joy Watch: Students Help Teacher Receive Magical Proposal

When this kindergarten teacher entered the gymnasium of Stanton Elementary School, little did she know her life would change. Continue reading

Stanfields - Wedding

Joy Factor: Couple Wears Same Wedding Attire for 50th

Imagine being married for 50 years! Then, imagine being able to wear the same clothing you wore at that wedding, all these years later! Continue reading

Senior Arrest - 2

Joy Factor: 102-Year-Old Woman Scratches Getting Arrested Off Bucket List

Most people probably wouldn’t put “get arrested” on their bucket list! Continue reading

Grandfather & Granddaughter School

Joy Factor: Teen Girl Goes to College with her 82-year-old Grandfather

Melanie Salazar, 18, couldn’t be any more thrilled to enter her first year at Palo Alto College with her 82-year-old grandfather. Continue reading

Birthday Firefighters

Joy Watch: All Ivena Wanted for Her 105th Birthday was a Burly Firefighter

For her 105th birthday, all Ivena Smailes wanted was a “burly, tattooed, firefighter” to deliver a cake to her. Continue reading

Wedding Heart

Joy Factor: Bride Walked Down the Aisle By Man Who Received Her Dad’s Heart

Jeni Stepien was unable to have her father at her wedding, but his heart was able to attend thanks to a positive organ donation. Continue reading

German Shepherd

Joy Watch: A Mailman Gives This German Shepherd Daily Hugs

There is at least one person who has an open heart for this beautiful Shepherd – a mailman that continuously shows him some love. Continue reading