Money Matters: When Culture, Family and Money Collide

Money Matters with Jim Doyle
Episode 3: When Culture, Family and Money Collide

What was the motivation behind the show?

Trust can be extremely hard to come by when it comes to money. When working with multi-generational families, it’s essential currency. Blending perspectives across generations takes concentrated effort – much more so when it comes to money, family, and culture. Conflict can come from many sources, and can leave painful legacies for generations.

Money Matters with Jim Doyle S1E3

Families are funny things. We assume everybody’s reading off the same script and have the same goals, but most of us might not be aware of our own deep rooted money perspectives. Every day in our practice we see the way families communicate their views on money, manage issues, and address estate considerations. When communication or expectations aren’t met, families suffer. We’d like to encourage families to look at their money motivators and shine a light on communication within the family.

Money Matters with Jim Doyle S1E3

What is this show about?

On this episode, join me and my guests, Harry Mutti of Ascentia CPA, Elyssa Lockhart with McQuarrie Hunter LLP, and Nathan Lidder of Coal Harbour Law as we explore the significance of families talking openly about money, offering tips for healthy money conversations. What’s a family to do when culture, money, and family collide?

Financial literacy rarely seems important – until a time of crisis, when we’re asked to make important decisions affecting our futures – with whatever financial skills we have.

The weekly television series Money Matters with Jim Doyle was created in an effort to encourage Canadians to explore some of the financial issues we help clients address throughout their increasingly complex lives.

We invite you to tune in Thursday, Sept. 19 – 5pm – or Sunday, Sept. 22 – 7am on Joytv.

Money Matters with Jim Doyle S1E3

What are we hoping will come out of this show?

My guests and I want to encourage families to talk about issues and impediments that exist when it comes to achieving common goals and solutions that may solve the needs of all involved.

On our next show we’ll be talking about . . . ‘Retirement Redefined – Is it an Event or an Experience?’, premiering Thursday, Sept. 26 at 5pm PT and Sunday, Sept. 29 at 7am PT.

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