Joy Factor: Police Officer Rescues Senior in Broken Electric Wheelchair

Police Assist

Joy Factor is a feature that celebrates moments that will bring a smile to your face! Be it an uplifting news item, a funny viral video, or an instance where good emerges out of bad situation, Joy Factor strives to shine a light on the best this world has to offer. 

For police officers, their most important duty is to serve and protect the area in which they work. While most of the glory goes to those who apprehend criminals, or act bravely in the face of great danger, some more should go to those officers who kindly assist people stuck in a bind.

Recently in Rock Island, Illinois, policeman Tyson Nichols noticed a senior citizen had become stranded on the way to a doctor’s appointment. According to reports, the unidentified woman got on the wrong bus, exited it, only to have her electric wheelchair breakdown.

Nichols subsequently contacted Metro Bus to request assistance for the woman. From there, he pushed the senior’s wheelchair uphill, in the blazing heat, to a shade-covered area. He then waited with the woman until her ride got there.

Police Assist

“It’s just a good thing that I stay in shape and get my gym exercise every day,” said Nichols in an interview with WQAD.

What Nichols wasn’t aware of, however, was that an impressed citizen was photographing his act of kindness. A shot of Nichols in action soon made it to the Rock Island Police Department Facebook page, with the caption: “Just wanted to give recognition to the department and this officer for showing genuine concern and care for the community.”

Added Nichols: “It gave a nice, little feeling that somebody recognized us and was able to turn [the photograph] into the police department – [It gave] us some positive recognition.”

As for why Nichols opted to go the extra mile on this day. The answer is simple.

“It kind of comes naturally with the territory as a police officer. You naturally, instinctively do things that you’re supposed to be doing.”

-Adam Grant

Police Assist

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