Joy Watch: Kind-Hearted Handyman Installs Mailbox for Fearful Blind Woman

Handyman Mailbox

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Grabbing the mail is one of those daily tasks a lot of people don’t think too much about: walk to the box, open it up, grab the mail, close it and go back home. Unfortunately, this routine isn’t as simple for everyone.

For years now, Henrico, Virginia resident Lynda Tennette had been scared of gathering her mail. Blind, Tennette became fearful that a car might strike as she stepped onto the road to access her mailbox. Thanks to a Good Samaritan handyman, however, Tennette can feel safe again.

After seeing her story on a local news broadcast, Wesley Benton, owner of Benton Home Improvement in nearby Richmond, was inspired to install a new mailbox on her front lawn.

The height of the mailbox is perfect for Tennette and it features dual openings. Thus, the mailman can open up the front slot to drop off her mail and Tennette, from the safety of her own lawn, can open up the back slot to retrieve it.

Tennette’s issue really related to Benton, as one day a vehicle hit his great-grandmother when she was collecting her mail.

“I’m just shocked. Can I give you a hug for doing this for me?” said Tennette to Benton once the mailbox was revealed.

She added: “It really puts some faith back in the world [for me].”

You can video of the mailbox unveiling below.

-Adam Grant

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