Joy Factor: Bus Driver Rescues Student Who Struggled Getting to School

City Bus

Joy Factor is a feature that celebrates moments that will bring a smile to your face! Be it an uplifting news item, a funny viral video, or an instance where good emerges out of bad situation, Joy Factor strives to shine a light on the best this world has to offer. 

When life gives us challenging moments, sometimes the best thing we can hope for is the help of a selfless Good Samaritan. Fortunately, a young student having trouble getting to school on her first day found one.

On Tuesday (September 5), a public bus driver in the U.K. noticed a teen girl on the side of the road looking rather distraught. After exiting his bus, the driver discovered the girl had gotten lost and was concerned that she would be late for her first day of high school.

Instead of just supplying the stressed out student with directions and a wish of good luck, he actually called a cab for her. The delightful driver then walked the student to a pick-up spot and gave her cab fare. 

“This bus driver on the number 16 this morning deserves a huge pat on the back,” wrote witness Lynsey Jayes on Facebook. “A young girl [was] waiting for the bus at the wrong side of the road and was upset she would be late for her first day at high school. The driver not only phoned her a taxi, he walked her to Tesco and he paid for it. Now that is a reason I don’t mind my bus running late for.” 

The name of the driver hasn’t been made public, but surely the teen he helped will forever remember his exceptional act of kindness.

-Adam Grant

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