Joy Watch: Daughter Hilariously Busts Her Mom Taking a Secret Selfie

Selfie Mom

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Now that all smartphones generally have pretty great cameras built into them, people feel more encouraged than ever to take as many photos as possible. One would like to think that most of these photos are of something of consequence – like a birthday party or a memorable vacation. But, many times they’re just random or plain ridiculous.

Along the way, taking selfies has become a fixture of our photographic habits. The art of holding a smartphone in your hand (or heaven forbid, attaching it to a stick!) at a flattering angle, with ideal lighting and perhaps interesting surrounded by interesting subject matter, has become almost as important to people as bringing the right bottle of wine to a dinner party.

While some are truly comfortable taking selfies in public, others like to keep these personal photo shoots private – like one particular mom who has become a Twitter sensation.

Earlier this week, Twitter user @itati_lopez sneakily filmed her mom’s attempt at taking a hot-shot selfie. She had the right lighting, the right sunglasses and the right hand gesture – until her daughter walked in and startled her.

Let’s just say, the mom looked 50% embarrassed, 40% upset and 10% unsure of how she should explain herself.

Either way, it’s all rather comical. Enjoy the video!

-Adam Grant

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