Joy Watch: This Baby Dances to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”

Michael Jackson - Baby

Joy Watch is a feature that brings you some of the most entertaining, funny, enlightening and heartfelt videos that the worldwide web has to offer.

Some artists have the ability to create works that are timeless and translate well generations down the road. When it comes to musicians, Michael Jackson was certainly one of those creative figures capable of creating music and moves that’ll live on forever.

In a new video that has gone very viral, Adam Ballard (a past contestant on the “American Ninja Warrior” reality show) and his infant son Miles boogie to Jackson’s 1982 classic, “Beat It.”

Since Miles is too young to even walk, let alone moon walk on his own, Ballard has strapped his son to his chest in a baby carrier. With the music blaring, Ballard helps Miles move like Jackson.

Michael Jackson - Baby

With his Mickey Mouse bib securely fastened and a cloud white onesie keeping him cozy, Miles doesn’t fuss – rather, he appears blissfully amused and unaware of the awesomeness he’s sharing with the world.

As the Eddie Van Halen guitar solo in the song takes centre stage, so does Miles and his little fingers through a brilliantly choreographed air guitar session.

With “Beat It” pouring through the speakers, Ballard and his little man give us all an incredible glimpse of a father and son bonding and bopping.

Something tells us that in another 35 years, Miles just might share this type of moment with his child.

Enjoy the video below!

-Adam Grant

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Posted by Adam Ballard on Tuesday, February 7, 2017

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